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I have had a passion for Motorsports all my life. Since I was 8 years old, I have ridden or driven home made dirt bikes, motocross bikes, side cars all the way to a 7-second, 190 MPH Mazda RX8. This web site is a now a reflection of what anyone can do if they work hard, never give up and commit to something they are passionate about. My rewards and frustrations were many and I hope you enjoy my story!

Import & Sport Compact Drag Racing

Two runner-up National Championships (2003 and 2007) and the 2009 World Street Nationals Extreme Import Champion.

Three different rotary powered Mazda's would set National and a World Record, secure 8 NHRA "Wally's" from a dedicated and committed privateer

All of this team's racing history, categorized for each year under the title "Racing Event History" for casual reading!

After a decade of competing in the National Hot Rod Associations (NHRA) Import and then Sport Compact Drag Racing Series and having more fun than a man should be allowed to have, and to the many friends and volunteers who helped me, as a privateer, rise to the top and become a respected competitor. Since this addiction is in my blood or DNA, I have "slowed down" and road race for fun. Competing in a race car for minutes at a time instead of seconds is providing yours truly an whole new level of fun and excitement. Life in this great country is what you make of it and I will surely continue to exploit the freedom that is ours to enjoy. God bless America and all those who defend our freedom!

As time permits, I will attempt to summarize my experience and awesome journey starting with a dream, and ending up as a winner, for all to enjoy in my "A Decade of Drag Racing"  ARTICLE. I hope you enjoy the article and look back at history of our sport from my perspective.

In 2008, I decided to go Road Racing, slow down, have fun and giving back to help others do the same.

Follow my new concept, making something good to something better as I build a road racing Super Touring ST3 Racecar


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