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Since I was 8 years old, I have had a passion for Motorsports. My step dad was instrumental in this endeavor buy providing the path from collecting scrap book articles, watching him and others race, then progressed to  riding or driving home made dirt bikes, motocross bikes, side cars in South Africa, all the way to a 7-second, 190 MPH Mazda RX8 here in the USA. This web site is a now a reflection of my racing story here in the USA and what anyone can do if they work hard, never give up and commit to something they are passionate about.

My rewards and frustrations were many. I hope you enjoy my story!

Import & Sport Compact Drag Racing

Two runner-up National NHRA Championships (2003 and 2007) and the 2009 World Street Nationals Extreme Import Champion.

Three different rotary powered Mazda's would set National and a World Record, secure 8 NHRA "Wally's" from a dedicated and committed privateer

All of this team's racing history, categorized for each year under the titles Road Racing & Drag Racing for casual reading!

After a decade of competing in the National Hot Rod Associations (NHRA) Import and then Sport Compact Drag Racing Series and having more fun than a man should be allowed to have, and to the many friends and volunteers who helped me, as a privateer, rise to the top and become a respected competitor. Since this addiction is in my blood or DNA, I have "slowed down" and road race for fun. Competing in a race car for minutes at a time instead of seconds is providing yours truly an whole new level of fun and excitement. Life in this great country is what you make of it and I will surely continue to exploit the freedom that is ours to enjoy. God bless America and all those who defend our freedom!

As time permits, I will attempt to summarize my experience and awesome journey starting with a dream, and ending up as a winner, for all to enjoy in my "A Decade of Drag Racing"  ARTICLE. I hope you enjoy the article and look back at history of our sport from my perspective.

In 2008, I decided to go Road Racing, have fun and giving back to help others do the same.

Follow my new concept, making something good to something better as I build a "new" road racing ST-3 Racecar


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